Our Favourite Spas In Singapore (AKA How To Make Baby Soup)

Singaporeans love their babies.  And, as we recently discovered, their babies love nothing more than a nice, relaxing soak in the hot tub.





The Joys of Daiso in Singapore

Occasionally, when we need a bit of a pick me up, a snigger or a cheap thrill, we head to Japanese bargain store Daiso – where for just $2, you can get whatever you’re after…


Love Shack

It’s easy to fall into a rut no matter where you live, and even more so when you live in a well-insulated and very comfy little Expat Bubble.  Pretty soon one finds oneself eating at the same places, talking to the same people, doing the same thing, week after week. So every once in a while, one of us really tries to break free and try something new.  Often, it’s wonderful and fascinating and enlightening.  And sometimes we end up running back to our Bubble and cowering inside…

Crocodile Country(side)

You’ll often hear expats here saying that Singapore has ‘everything’. And it really does – if by ‘everything’ you mean ‘everything you could ever hope for from a tiny tropical country sitting smack on the Equator’. Just occasionally, tho, it would be nice if ‘everything’ didn’t include ferocious prehistoric beasts who are adverse to day-trippers…