… or are you just happy to see us?

Yesterday was World Cucumber Day. (What- you didn’t celebrate??) Here on the Little Red Dot various bars hit on the fabulous idea of receiving cucumbers as legal tender for gin cocktails. And whereas on such occasions we would usually be found dragging suitcase full of cucumbers from bar to bar, alas yesterday the gods of good health were against us. Instead, we celebrated by eating crackers, sipping water, and sending our helpers to Watsons for… convenience items…

Check Your Head

There are some times, when life gets uncomfortable, that you just can’t help thinking, “This would be SO much easier if I were in my home country.” (Examples: Flat tires and gynocological exams.) You feel fairly certain that your problem would be SO easily solved, if only you were AT “HOME.” Which is usually crap because life isn’t always sunshine and unicorns, no matter where you live. Sometimes you just need to put on your big girl pants and deal. (And sometimes a big girl drink helps.)

Some things are Classified

It’s nearly summer in Singapore which means one thing: The Annual Mass Exodus of Expats. Usually TAMEE is temporary: expats heading ‘home’ for a few weeks or maybe a few months (who’ll return refreshed and rejuvenated and weepily reunited with their helpers, vowing never to leave again). But some – thousands- are leaving forever. And while this breaks our hearts, like most crappy situations there are some upsides. (Especially if you collect random plugs and tent poles.)

Just Ask The Wives

We Singapore expats have an incredible resource- a variety of Facebook groups- upon which we all rely, to varying degrees, for advice, recommendations, and comaraderie. But, like any other public forum, one must always be aware that everything you say will be seen by 17,000 other women, some of whom might roll their eyes at what is, to you, an urgently pressing matter.  Cocktail adornment on a Friday morning might, for example, seem a silly request (though one of us thinks if you live in the tropics, serving a proper Mai Tai should always be a priority).

Love Shack

It’s easy to fall into a rut no matter where you live, and even more so when you live in a well-insulated and very comfy little Expat Bubble.  Pretty soon one finds oneself eating at the same places, talking to the same people, doing the same thing, week after week. So every once in a while, one of us really tries to break free and try something new.  Often, it’s wonderful and fascinating and enlightening.  And sometimes we end up running back to our Bubble and cowering inside…


Two things happen in Singapore’s Expatland every May: The Classifieds are awash with people selling all their belongings before they leave for good; and those of us who aren’t leaving begin to feel a bit…. Angsty? Mopey? Meloncholy? Luckily for all of us (although mainly for our husbands), this passes quickly, as soon as the summer suitcases come out and the next wave of adrenaline hits. But in the meantime, we mope…