Invasion of the Hipster Surgeons 

It used to be a common complaint amongst expats that there was nowhere to get a decent cup of coffee. This was loudest heard from our antipodean friends who lamented the lack of hipster cafes so common in their homelands. Well lament no longer, Sheilas: the hipster cafe invasion has well and truly taken hold. These days it’s impossible to just get a filter coffe or a cuppa tae. But a hand-pressed deconstructed French flat-white served in a test-tube? Would you like sugar with that? 

Crocodile Country(side)

You’ll often hear expats here saying that Singapore has ‘everything’. And it really does – if by ‘everything’ you mean ‘everything you could ever hope for from a tiny tropical country sitting smack on the Equator’. Just occasionally, tho, it would be nice if ‘everything’ didn’t include ferocious prehistoric beasts who are adverse to day-trippers…

On the Chope-ing Block

Some things are sacred in Singapore. Sitting in your car in a carpark waiting for the perfect parking space to open up; queueing for hours because there are rumours that the fruit stall has the best durian; and never EVER taking an ’empty’ table which sits there beckoning you with its forlorn pack of tissues… 

Lizards in the mist

Singapore might look like a first world steel-and-chrome metropolis, but every so often, the jungle raises its reptilian head… (Usually in our kitchens, when we’re reaching for the cocktail glasses. The now-shattered cocktail glasses, dammit.)

Driving us nuts

Like most friends, we don’t always see eye to eye on everything. How to boil water for pasta, for example; or the contentious matter of whether a visit to the dentist should be precautionary or reactionary. And that one, great big festering boil in an otherwise flawless friendship complexion: are drivers in Asia unbelievably bad, or just the same as everywhere else? We guess it depends on where you’re looking at it from. (If, for example, you’re looking at it from your driver’s lap, then perhaps, yes…)

Car cool

Singapore seems to be the up-and-coming cool kid in Asia.  We’ve got homegrown microbrews, an emerging local music scene, and you can’t swing a cat without knocking over some hipster drinking a hand-crafted coffee and updating his lifestyle blog from behind upcycled shades. Not all of us have innate hipsterdom however, no matter how hard we try (and some would suggest – strongly – that we stop trying. And also that we stop swinging cats)…

Boiling Tensions 

One of the great things about life here on the Little Red Dot is the exposure to so many different cultures. As well as the various ethnicities you’ll find amongst Singaporeans, every expat you meet, by very definition, comes from somewhere else. Which makes every cultural difference a fabulous learning experience. Well, almost ‘every’…