10 Things Expats in Singapore are Thankful For


TPW Thanksgiving Edition – 10 Things Expats In Singapore Are Thankful For

  1. Duty free.  A bottle of duty free gin is the silver lining of every week without your absentee husband.
  2. The new parking app.  Because poking little circles out of a card every time you park the car is simply medieval.
  3. Amazon Prime.  Yes, in fact, I DO need a nerf gun, an onion, and an electric toothbrush, delivered to me in an hour.
  4. The Wives pages.  They are a source of laughter, information, and camaraderie, and if you ever feel like you might be a tiny bit crazy, you just have to hop on a Wives page to see there is some REAL crazy out there.  
  5. Swimming pools.  Obviously for the hours of year-round child entertainment, but also because they’re just giant, fun bathtubs.  As we’ve said, we live in the tropics.  Bathing our kids in the pool is our God-given right.  
  6. Clean bathrooms.  This is pretty common in Singapore, even in public parks, train stations, and malls, and the gratitude wells up in our little expat hearts every time.  And if there’s a toilet paper roll in each stall, we’re beside ourselves.
  7. When a restaurant gives you napkins.  This is a rare one, but don’t think we don’t notice and LOVE it.  (Omakase Burger, we’re talking to you.)
  8. Petrol / Gas station uncles.  Because Yes! I *am* too exhausted to get out of my car and pump my own gas.  And those pumps *ruin* my nails.  And it’s pelting rain.  So thank you. (Just don’t forget to tip them, people.  Because their beaming gratitude for that two dollar bill will warms even the hardest Expat heart.)
  9. Our helpers.  Because can we all just be honest right now and admit that our lives would SUCK without them?  
  10. Our friends.  Because on Thanksgiving, you need your family, whatever family that might be.

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