Just Ask The Wives

We Singapore expats have an incredible resource- a variety of Facebook groups- upon which we all rely, to varying degrees, for advice, recommendations, and comaraderie. But, like any other public forum, one must always be aware that everything you say will be seen by 17,000 other women, some of whom might roll their eyes at what is, to you, an urgently pressing matter.  Cocktail adornment on a Friday morning might, for example, seem a silly request (though one of us thinks if you live in the tropics, serving a proper Mai Tai should always be a priority).

6 thoughts on “Just Ask The Wives

    1. Bra tape is a magical and wonderful invention that you can use to tape your bra to your clothes, or your clothes to your skin, or your actual boobs to each other. So if you have a top on that tends to gape open, you can stick a little bra tape on there and it keeps the Girls hidden. Or if you have a strappy tank, you can tape the straps to your bra straps so they all sort of sit together. Or, you can even use it to sort of tape the Girls together, keeping them in place, without all the hassle of wearing an actual bra. This usually results in us standing around at cocktail parties in our backless dresses, feeling quite pleased with ourselves for not having to wear a bra, but not realizing that one of our boobs has ended up taped to our clavicle, and the other is drooping sadly somewhere around our rib cage. It’s a good look.
      Oh- and we love you too.


    1. Yay! Madrid! We imagine you just lounge about all day there, watching bull fights and eating churros, with your boobs artfully taped in place. (If that’s not what you do all day, don’t kill the dream please).

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