Boiling Tensions 

One of the great things about life here on the Little Red Dot is the exposure to so many different cultures. As well as the various ethnicities you’ll find amongst Singaporeans, every expat you meet, by very definition, comes from somewhere else. Which makes every cultural difference a fabulous learning experience. Well, almost ‘every’… 

5 thoughts on “Boiling Tensions 

      1. Are we talking a plug-in electric kettle or a metal kettle for the stovetop? My electric kettle can only fit 4 cups of water, and sometimes I need to boil 4 quarts or more. Do you just do that multiple times? Are your kettles enormous because of all the tea Brits drink? The only time I press the kettle into service is when I make jam and need to boil gallons of water. (I grow a lot of fruit.) Considering the price of fresh fruit there, I’m guessing no one makes jam at home.


  1. I’d never even considered that other people don’t have kettles. I’m going to have to go and have a cup of tea and think about that one.


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