Car cool

Singapore seems to be the up-and-coming cool kid in Asia.  We’ve got homegrown microbrews, an emerging local music scene, and you can’t swing a cat without knocking over some hipster drinking a hand-crafted coffee and updating his lifestyle blog from behind upcycled shades. Not all of us have innate hipsterdom however, no matter how hard we try (and some would suggest – strongly – that we stop trying. And also that we stop swinging cats)…

Bath Time

There are many upsides to life in the tropics (sunshine, helpers, the steady diet of coconut- and mango-based drinks). But to busy end-of-day mamas, the multi-tasking opportunities are where expat tropical life really pays off…. 

Revolving Doors and Poopy Floors

One of the big drawbacks to expat life – not just here in Singapore, but expat life everywhere – is that people are always leaving. For every new friend one meets, it seems another is packing up, selling all her Ikea furniture online, and leaving. And it doesn’t seem to get any easier as the years go by. Our advice: Carpe the hell out of the diem and enjoy the time you have. Oh and also watch your step if you happen to be in the Ulu Pandan area…

Boiling Tensions 

One of the great things about life here on the Little Red Dot is the exposure to so many different cultures. As well as the various ethnicities you’ll find amongst Singaporeans, every expat you meet, by very definition, comes from somewhere else. Which makes every cultural difference a fabulous learning experience. Well, almost ‘every’… 

The Many Faces of Expattery

Contrary to popular option, being an expat doesn’t (necessarily) mean lounging about in a floaty kafkan, drinking gin and ordering the staff around… Many expats do really brilliant volunteer work, such as helping street children or stray animals, or even – in the case of *one* expat we know, heading off to Cambodia to build houses in remote villages.  Those of us at home grappling with Other Important Things, salute you.  (As much as floaty kafkans allow for saluting.)