Get Up, Stand Up (or Drink Up, as the case may be)

To our friends, who this past weekend knit hats and made signs and travelled and marched, we say Good For You. We are proud of you and we wish we could’ve been there. Instead, we protested in our own little ways, by retweeting funny memes, getting into infuriating fights on Facebook, and, of course, having a few drinks.  We must all do our part…

3 thoughts on “Get Up, Stand Up (or Drink Up, as the case may be)

  1. I moved to Singapore in August and love your blog and may have contemplated trying f to find you guys. I also organised the fundraiser on Saturday and now wish we had met! You make me laugh every week! Thank you!

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  2. Thanks Neha, and welcome to Singapore! Good work organising that fundraiser. Any time you need someone to drink for a good cause (or even a mediocre cause…. or really no cause), you can count on us.


  3. I always get a ‘warm fuzzy’ and a laugh when I tune in to you!
    Keep that head of yours held high. We are going to make it with a little help from our friends! Jose’, Jack, Tito…


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