Enriching Classes…

Extra-curricular activities are big business here in Singapore (and throughout Asia).  Not just your standard after-school soccer classes, or Saturday morning little-league; these are full-on MAKE YOUR CHILD CLEVER opportunities, known as “enrichment classes”.  And like all opportunities, they come with a price –  a price which a cynical expat *might* suggest puts the “rich” into “enrichment”…

One thought on “Enriching Classes…

  1. I read a book several years ago called “The Power of Play” which said all those enrichment classes are garbage. Kids need unstructured time to play for optimal brain development. They should have access to random junk to play with, too. Australia has some interesting research in this area. I don’t have my kids in anything. (Well, swimming for a few weeks in the summer. I’d like them to not drown.) I’m in a small metropolitan area (USA) where the pressure to enroll kids in stuff is everywhere.
    I’m certain it’s not as intense as Singapore.


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