2 Bottles of Duty Free Gin? PRICELESS…

The holidays can be hard on the pocketbook no matter where you live.  For some reason, however, this seems to be particularly so here on the Little Red Dot.  (By ‘some reason’ we mean: ‘Because we are all ADDLED by the heat and by the school holidays, and our spoilt expat kids are demanding toys and experiences and adventure, and we feel guilty for denying them a snow-filled Christmas surrounded by their relatives and the cheesy festive TV-of-our-youth and so order in food and toys and games from overseas at VAST EXPENSE, and because we too are spoilt expats we can’t possibly organise or cook Christmas dinner ourselves – OUR HELPERS ARE ON HOLIDAY FFS! – and so line up like sheep for unimaginably expensive expat buffet-lunches with their promises of endless champagne and activities for the children and THAT CHRISTMAS FEELING…’ Bah Humbug etc.)  Happy holidays!


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