Singapore Schmingapore

We HEART Sinagpore, obv. It’s our home and our children’s home, and- for one of us- our dog’s home. We have great friends and sunshine and beaches and melting G&Ts at the end of a sweltering day. However. At the grand old age of something old and unmentionable, we – ‘we’ being ‘one of us’ – have discovered Hong Kong and are SMITTEN. It might have been the clear blue skies or the endless eating and drinking or the jeans-and-sweaters-weather or the ability to hike in the morning and sail in the afternoon or – and let’s not discount this one- the absence of children or real life or daily demands… But smitten we (‘we’) are and we won’t rest until we’re back here again. ‘We’ HEART you Hong Kong! 

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