2 Bottles of Duty Free Gin? PRICELESS…

The holidays can be hard on the pocketbook no matter where you live.  For some reason, however, this seems to be particularly so here on the Little Red Dot.  (By ‘some reason’ we mean: ‘Because we are all ADDLED by the heat and by the school holidays, and our spoilt expat kids are demanding toys and experiences and adventure, and we feel guilty for denying them a snow-filled Christmas surrounded by their relatives and the cheesy festive TV-of-our-youth and so order in food and toys and games from overseas at VAST EXPENSE, and because we too are spoilt expats we can’t possibly organise or cook Christmas dinner ourselves – OUR HELPERS ARE ON HOLIDAY FFS! – and so line up like sheep for unimaginably expensive expat buffet-lunches with their promises of endless champagne and activities for the children and THAT CHRISTMAS FEELING…’ Bah Humbug etc.)  Happy holidays!



On the Ninth Day of Christmas…

Two points might bear clarifying here, for those not in Singapore.  “Kino” is shorthand for Kinokuniya, a little slice of heaven / large bookstore here in Singapore.  And Fairprice is a… budget-friendly grocery store.  The rest, well– we have a feeling you’ll get the rest, if you are, or ever have been, an Expat at Christmastime…







And a half hour later…



Singapore Schmingapore

We HEART Sinagpore, obv. It’s our home and our children’s home, and- for one of us- our dog’s home. We have great friends and sunshine and beaches and melting G&Ts at the end of a sweltering day. However. At the grand old age of something old and unmentionable, we – ‘we’ being ‘one of us’ – have discovered Hong Kong and are SMITTEN. It might have been the clear blue skies or the endless eating and drinking or the jeans-and-sweaters-weather or the ability to hike in the morning and sail in the afternoon or – and let’s not discount this one- the absence of children or real life or daily demands… But smitten we (‘we’) are and we won’t rest until we’re back here again. ‘We’ HEART you Hong Kong! 

Game of Thrones

It’s that time of year again in Expatland! No, not crazed Christmas Shopping Time (though yes, it’s also that).  And not Standing in Insane Post Office Queues Wondering How There Could Be 376 People Ahead Of You Time (we know- it’s also that.).  But also, it’s Holiday Travel Time! Which means many of us are packing up and heading out to explore this rich, diverse, fascinating region. This little convo took place the last time one of us decided to embark on an extremely ambitious (and ultimately tragically ill-advised) visit to a neighboring country. As sometimes happens, she began to miss Singapore basically the moment she’d left. 

Trouble in Paradise

One of the best things about Singapore (ok, hands down THE BEST thing) is its proximity to utterly gorgeous places.  So this weekend, because of our EXHAUSTING lives, we took ourselves and our kids (and, ok, our husbands) off to one of these gorgeous places:  where the wind rustles in the palm trees; the sand is white and velvet-like;  the sea beckons with its sometimes-turquoise, sometimes azure, waves; the children become temporarily (and delightedly) feral; and the wildlife frightens the bejaysus out of lily-livered expats…


Single Parenting

We recall with some fondness our lives in our home countries— those distant lands where husbands live actually in the home with their families, eating with them and sleeping with them, almost as if they were ONE OF THEM. But expat life tends to be a little different. And generally, we have adjusted, and we make do. That is, of course, until we are TRULY on our own…

At 10:45 pm on a Wednesday night…

XO (Oh no.)

One of the most fun and interesting things about living in Expatlandia is the diversity of one’s friends. Indeed we have all arrived on the shores of Singapore from different corners of the world, thrown together to learn from- and share with- one another, and most of the time it makes for a rich and fascinating exchange. And then there are those other times, when you think you’re doing great and then suddenly accidentally make out with some Irish guy.