Trump Wins. We Lose. 

For some in Expatlandia, today sort of felt like sitting on the sidewalk watching a house burn to the ground. All the the whole while thinking, “But that doesn’t look like my house. How could that be my house? Surely we have a fire extinguisher somewhere? Is that REALLY my house?” For others, it felt like we were on the sidewalk with our neighbours, while their house burnt to the ground.  We wish we could say “Well, luckily no one got hurt” – but we’re not quite sure that that’s the case.  Sigh.  Where are the fire-fighters when you need them? 

2 thoughts on “Trump Wins. We Lose. 

  1. Planned parenthood will need your financial support. NOW is the time to get people registered to vote for 2018 and to become active so you have a voice in who the candidates are for president in 2020. NOW!!! NOT TOMORROW, NOW. And if you do not act today for the love of women and children please act tomorrow not next week or year and no waiting for 2 or 4 years.


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