Safety First

Ah Singapore, the land of contrast.  Ancient and Modern.  East and West.  Tradition and Innovation.  Along those lines, some laws are followed without question and without exception, and some laws are flat-out ignored.  Not ignored like “Oops did I just accidentally roll that stop sign?” But IGNORED, like “What stop sign? I’ve never heard of a stop sign. What is this ‘stop sign’ of which you speak?”  To illustrate: You could stand on a deserted street corner in the scorching hot sun until you are a puddle on the ground before you would ever think to cross a street when the red hand is up. You could go into labor while in the taxi queue and by golly, you will squat in your place and moan quietly until it’s your turn. (True story! Oh god no- not one of us! But still true!) These are rules that everyone knows are just followed. But then you get to some things— things that seem REALLY IMPORTANT to some of us– and it’s like the Wild West out here. 

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