Positively Awful

Regular readers will know how we love to mock anything we deem ridiculous; to date our attentions have been focused on Asia (yes, we’re looking at *you*, Japanese disposable underwear). So you can imagine our joy when we stumbled across a product which not only set our mockery levels soaring, but came from the good old US of A. (And no, it has nothing to do with Donald Trump, who obviously takes gold in the Mocking Olympics) Behold: The Panty Liner Of Positivity…

6 thoughts on “Positively Awful

  1. As an American (living abroad) I will concur that there is an appropriate time and place for the motivational inspirational quote. I may be a conditioned sucker in that regard. But seriously – the panty liner packaging? Redonkulous. That’s a word. Google it. Cheers for the laugh! Hej from Copenhagen!


  2. It’s not so much that Americans are clamoring for inspirational quotes on their feminine products, it’s that the manufacturers think it’s a good idea. I imagine the company is run by men.

    Trendy home decor, on the other hand, has been taken over by random inspirational quotes. “Today is a good day for a good day.” Bleeeachhh. So, you’d be right on trend hanging that on your wall.

    Hello from Wisconsin!

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    1. You are totally right that it was a bunch of men sitting around a conference table who decided that what would REALLY sell those lady diapers was printing them with nonsense happy thoughts. “And we’ll print it in pink! Women love that!” And, truth be told, they were right. Because I bought a year’s supply of those damn things this summer, lest I should hit December in Singapore and find myself needing a little inspiration from my own underwear.

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