Toe Troubles

These days, people everywhere are fairly attached to their phone screens- walking the dog, while on a date, even while driving. (Not us, obv.  THAT WOULD BE ILLEGAL.)  However- humanity’s addiction to the tiny glowing screen is nowhere more apparent than when taking public transportation in Asia.  Here in Singapore, one can look across a subway platform and as far as the eye can see, every man, woman, and child, from the ages of 1 to 101, stares down into a phone. (Once, we brought an actual newspaper to read on the train, and suddenly felt incredibly out of place– like we should have also brought our chewing tobaccy or old-timey corn cob pipe.) And the crazy thing about this mass of bowed heads is, they never look up.  No matter what.  Up and down escalators, through crowds, on and off of train cars- never a head is raised.  Everyone just shuffles along in a mass, hunched over their little glowing screens, as if guided by echolocation, or some sort of sixth sense. And MOST of the time, it all sort of flows at a fairly steady pace.  Until someone’s big American toe gets in the way…

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