Storm in a Wine Glass

It’s stormy season in Singapore at the moment – or at least for some people.  It’s the strangest phenomenon;  in one part of the island, terrified expats (not locals, because they’re not so foolish) are grabbing tinned food and bottles of water and ushering their children into the cellar, while a mile away (as the sodden parakeet flies) sleep remains blissfully undisturbed.  In any other country in the world you`d awake to news crews and emergency vehicles and possibly even a presidential visit;  here, by the time the sun is up the nice men from the Department of Cleaning Up After a Storm have been and gone, and no trace of the battle between the Gods remains.  Leaving you to wonder if indeed, you did dream it all.  (But No!  Look!  The DoCUAaS missed a tree.  I TOLD YOU.)

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