Dog nagging. (As opposed to ‘Dogging’.)

 We expat parents face the same trials and tribulations of non-expat family life:  the lost shoes, forgotten homework, night-time musical beds – and nagging by children to get a dog. Most of us ignore this last one – because even with live in help, who needs the extra work?  Some, however,  not only capitulate, but bring embarrassment on themselves – and everyone else – in the process.  (And if you too are bereft of an education in the smutty ways of English folk and need to Google ‘dogging’, we suggest you do it in the privacy of a locked room. By contrast a search for a definition of ‘fogging’ will just yield a simple explanation of the use of lung-crushing gases to clear gardens and streets of pesky mosquitoes.  The two should not be confused.)  In the meantime, this is Scotch, who, fingers crossed, will soon become the latest addition to the Textpat clan (just as soon as Textpat A pays off all her driving fines etc…)  (A tentative) Welcome Scotch!

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