Breaking Bad

It’s no accident that Singapore is such a clean, orderly, ridiculously safe place. (Your small child needs a ride home at 9:00 pm? No worries! Have him jump on the bus! Your toddler needs a bathroom in the middle of a crowded mall? Just follow the scent of lemon and fresh flowers and you’re there! Want to walk barefoot down Orchard Road? No problem! Your feet will probably be cleaner than when you started!).  All this is possible because of All The Rules – or more precisely, because of the Fear Of What Might Happen if you Break The Rules.  The vast majority of the time, this is highly effective in keeping people from acting like the mess-making, chaos-causing, raving maniacs that we all are. But it can be something of an adjustment for some of us expats, who come from lands which not only have far fewer rules, but also more scooter-riding, gum-chewing, and – we concede – raving maniacs.

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