Gin and Sympathy. (Also, Deet.)

For all its First-Worldliness, Singapore is still, at heart, a jungle.  It’s smack bang on the equator, lush as you could imagine, where every morning one wakes to the screech of wild birds, as clouds of tropical steam rise from the hill (only one).  While this makes for some great days out, it also means… tropical diseases.  Forget chickenpox and the ‘flu– we’ve got some exotic shit going around this little island.  We’re currently in the throes of both a Dengue and a Zika outbreak, which means we’re all a little on-edge, stockpiling cans of mosquito spray and obsessively changing vase water ten times a day.  It can be somewhat overwhelming (especially if your child comes home covered with mosquito bites, and then suddenly shows all the symptoms of one of these diseases). But then there’s this: Did you know that Gin & Tonics actually PREVENT Malaria!?  It’s true!  (‘Course, you have to drink like 60 liters/day for it to work, but one does get VERY thirsty in this climate.  And, we love a challenge.)  Once we discovered that little Fun Fact, we realized that things aren’t so bad. So now we wake up every steamy morning, bathe our children in DEET, douse our homes in citronella, and do our part to keep the Malaria at bay. 




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