Getting social

Big news for all friends of the Textpats (so, mostly our moms, and some random guy in Puerto Rico (we love you Juan!):  We now have a Facebook page!! If your stubborn little thumbs still yearn to type “” twenty times a day, rest assured, we’ll be here too.  But, if you’re on Facebook – and if not, we hope you wake up from your coma soon –  stop by and hit that lovely Like button.  There we will continue to share our texts, but there’ll be MORE:  more photos of disposable underwear, public bathrooms, mis-spelt signs, and things (and occasionally, people) we’ve accidentally hit with the car.  It’s going to be SO MUCH FUN!! (Smiley face.)  So hop on Facebook, Like us, Share us, tell your friends to do it.  Spread the Textpat love, that’s all we’re saying.

(Ps: Textpat A really does know about the blog. Now. She didn’t mind at all, and will think it’s funny once she calms the fuck down.  Jesus.)

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