New Friends

The beginning of the school year is always an exciting time for parents. It’s a time of fresh starts- new routines, new backpacks, new teachers- and also a time of boundless optimism, when we think “This year I’m going to exercise EVERY DAY before I take the kids to school!” or “We’re going to begin meditating! As a family! Every night before bedtime!” Of course this is short-lived.  Suddenly it’s December and we find ourselves waking up at 10:00 am and wondering how the kids even got to school, and “meditation” is what we call our naps in the car at red lights. Our inevitable failure, however, doesn’t dampen our New Year Optimism.

This time of year is perhaps even more exciting for us expats, for the Expat Friend Revolving Door just keeps spinning, and at this time of year it deposits a whole new batch of wide-eyed newbies at our feet. And we’re pretty sure those newbies need a book club…






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