Welcome Home

We have returned!  And to celebrate, we put our hair up in a pony-tail, wiped the sweat from our midriffs, and did what any self-respecting ex-pat would do:  hit the supermarket…


(where delights such as this week’s “special” – special what, we’re not sure;  special lunacy? – awaited us.)

Welcome Home 1

Welcome Home 2

Welcome Home 3

welcome Home 4

Welcome Home 5

Welcome Home 6

Welcome Home 7


2 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. Hello Ladies. I have been following you for a little while now (ever since you posted on Mrs Woogs) and have been enjoying your comments immensely. However, I do feel slightly faint at this post. You pay how much for strawberries?? If that is the type of prices for fruit and vegetables in the Lion City, it’s a wonder your not all suffering from scurvy. I know that my friends Dad is hugely aggrieved every time he buys a beer over there, but I’m standing by my assertion that beer is not a food group.


  2. Does scurvy cause thin hair, blotchy skin, and overall crankiness? Because if so let’s not rule that out. And of course beer isn’t a food group. The actual group is “alcohol.” Beer is just IN the group, silly!


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