Indication of Annoyance

We know, we know. There are bad drivers everywhere. Come to the US and merge onto the closest freeway, and you’ll quickly encounter at least one person who appears to be casually texting her entire life story- complete with selfies- while she creeps along at 3 mph in the fast lane; one maniac tailgating and weaving at Mach speeds; and, as you do your best to avoid those two, every few miles you’ll likely be treated to someone’s upturned middle finger, often for no particular reason so far as you can tell, except that they are ragingly angry at life, and you happen to be nearby. Every country has bad drivers. And, given our– uh– tendency– to randomly crash into stationary objects with our cars from time to time (though honestly our cars happen to have HUGE blindspots), perhaps we shouldn’t be quite so judgey (you know, glass houses, etc.). All that said, STILL. Sometimes all you can do is laugh or cry. Or text about it.

indication of annoyance 1

indication of annoyance 2

indication of annoyance 3

indications of annoyance 4

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