Ruined Childhoods

Singapore is known for being safe,  but it’s not until you live here – with children – that you realise just how FABULOUSLY, RIDICULOUSLY safe it is.  It just never (ok, hardly ever) crosses our minds any more that our children – or ourselves – might be in danger from other people.  Snakes? Yes.  Deranged-looking garden monkeys?  Highly likely.  Those scary prehistoric monster lizards which prowl around under bushes?  Probably not (but that doesn’t mean we socialise with them). But human predators?  We no longer have to give it a thought.  It’s brilliant really. 

Ruined Childhoods 1

Ruined Childhoods 2

Ruined Childhoods 3

Ruined Childhoods 4

Ruined Childhoods 5

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