Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

It’s that time of year again. Keeping track of kids’ activities starts to feel like a losing game of Whack-a-Mole. You suddenly have more Going Away parties than you thought you had friends. And it’s a bazillion degrees and 99% humidity outside, punctuated by daily INSANE thunderstorms, just to keep you on your toes.

We hope you’ll bear with us if we seem a bit… crazed.

Invasion of the Hipster Surgeons 

It used to be a common complaint amongst expats that there was nowhere to get a decent cup of coffee. This was loudest heard from our antipodean friends who lamented the lack of hipster cafes so common in their homelands. Well lament no longer, Sheilas: the hipster cafe invasion has well and truly taken hold. These days it’s impossible to just get a filter coffe or a cuppa tae. But a hand-pressed deconstructed French flat-white served in a test-tube? Would you like sugar with that? 

Crocodile Country(side)

You’ll often hear expats here saying that Singapore has ‘everything’. And it really does – if by ‘everything’ you mean ‘everything you could ever hope for from a tiny tropical country sitting smack on the Equator’. Just occasionally, tho, it would be nice if ‘everything’ didn’t include ferocious prehistoric beasts who are adverse to day-trippers…

On the Chope-ing Block

Some things are sacred in Singapore. Sitting in your car in a carpark waiting for the perfect parking space to open up; queueing for hours because there are rumours that the fruit stall has the best durian; and never EVER taking an ’empty’ table which sits there beckoning you with its forlorn pack of tissues… 

Lizards in the mist

Singapore might look like a first world steel-and-chrome metropolis, but every so often, the jungle raises its reptilian head… (Usually in our kitchens, when we’re reaching for the cocktail glasses. The now-shattered cocktail glasses, dammit.)